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Pig 3.0


The new version of the game Pig is available! Thanks to the web technology (html5, css3, javascript), I was able to make a downloadable and an online version, too. Now you don't have to deal with the operation system anymore: the game depends only on the browser, so you can play it freely if you are a user of the latest Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari! It works almost the same way as the previous version. However, the graphics and sounds are a bit different.
Also, there's an additional play.html file in the downloadable version, with which you can open Pig in a smaller window, without address bar and control buttons, so it will look like as it were a stand-alone application (it may behave in various browsers differently). The game itself can be found in the index.html file. You can open this one with your favourite browser, too. If you like Pig, share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!
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