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POSTA postcard sender


You can send your custom greeting card with the safe and simple POSTA postcard sender.

Choose one of the drawings, graphics, photos or Bible verses from the gallery to use it on a postcard. The upcoming postcard can be customized easily (variable text and background colour, different fonts) and you can view it as a ready-to-send image below the editor! As you can read it on my website, the aim of POSTA is really simple: make your relatives and friends happy!

Version 1.1 checks the images that have been used on postcards, so visitors can view the latest sent images, the most popular images and the total number of images on the bottom of the page. Using POSTA is still safe, of course: to calculate the information I've mentied before, POSTA is checking only the images, not the postcards! The sent postcard won't be stored on the server (or elsewhere), so only the sender and the recipient will be able read it!

So, would You like to send a postcard? » Visit POSTA postcard sender!

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